своими руками


You are here because you love the sea and sea activities, like us.

So we propose you a different experience in maritime activities inspired by one historical vessel, the traditional kayak

The kayak is a type of very small vessel, but with a long history (over 2000 years), which is still traveling today with the traditional form thanks to the Eskimos.

It is made with simple natural materials by human hands and will continue to exist thanks to people who love the simplicity and feel humble before the majesty of nature.

We are one of the few internationally and the only Greek company manufacturing handmade traditional kayaks.

We make custom made kayaks for your needs with the traditional way using natural materials and manufacturing techniques that ensure the uniqueness of each kayak and «carry» our soul and love for the vessel.

We give you the opportunity to participate in building your own kayak, through construction seminars that you can join and combine with your holiday.

You can also try some of our traditional kayaks whenever you visit us.

Browse our website and get to know us better.

Thank you for your visit and will be pleased to see you and paddle together.


Vassilis Liakos
Manufacturer of handmade traditional kayaks